Baal Teshuva (pl. Baalei Teshuva) – Newly religious/returnees to faith

Be’H (abbr. B’Ezrat Hashem) – With G-d’s help

Bentching/Birkat HaMazon – Grace/Blessing after meals

Bracha (pl. Brachot) – Blessing

Chafetz Chaim – (Lit. Desires Life – based on Psalms 34) Book about the laws of Lashon Hara written by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (and he too became known by this name)

Divrei Torah – (Lit. Words of Torah) Thoughts & ideas on the Torah and Judaism

Frum – Religious

Havdala – Ceremony/Blessings at the conclusion of Shabbat

Kiddush – Blessing sanctifying Shabbat or Festivals, made over a cup of wine

Lashon Hara – Negative/Degrading/Harmful speech

Mitzva (pl. Mitzvot) – Commandment

Motzi Shem Rah – Lashon Hara that is partially or wholly untrue

Parsha – Weekly Torah reading

Rebbetzin – Traditionally wife of Rabbi or female Judaism teacher

Sefardi – Jews with heritage from Spain, North Africa and Middle East

Shabbat – The Sabbath, Friday evening until Saturday evening

Torah – The written & oral Law given to Moshe (Moses) at Mount Sinai

Yeshiva – College for the study of Jewish Philosophy, Thought & Law