About The Journey

Journey To Better Speech is a website set up as part of an ongoing project by a group of people who are working on improving the way they speak. Although in the religious Jewish world there are many books both in Hebrew and English that address this important topic, one aspect that we felt was missing was a resource that actually deals with the daily struggles to learn about and keep to guarding our tongue properly. While everyone will agree that aspiring to a cleaner, more pleasant, positive, friendlier mouth is a wonderful concept, in practice taking those steps is not easy.

On this site we therefore hope to not only share the concepts and laws of better speech but also to share the very journey itself and the struggles along the way that we have, and continue to, experience.

We hope that you, the reader, will also be willing to learn and grow with us as well as sharing your experiences, successes and of course failures, thereby helping yet more people on their own journey.

Who Should Be Using This Site?

This site has been designed for everyone. It is suitable both for the religious and the non religious, for the orthodox and the non orthodox. We welcome Jews of all backgrounds to join us on this exciting journey to better speech!

In order to make it more open and available, we have created a Glossary of Terms in alphabetical order and we will endeavor to translate any words of Hebrew/Yiddish on that page. If there is any word or phrase that you do not understand and doesn’t appear in the glossary, please email us or comment and we will update it!

For those with a stronger background in the laws and concepts of the Jewish approach to proper speech we have an advanced section which will include, among other things, clear concise summaries of the chapters of Sefer Chafetz Chaim for easy revision.

Weekly Newsletter

Apart from the posts on the site itself, we will be’H be sending out a weekly Newsletter connected to the Parsha of the week with specific relation to the mouth and speech. If you would like to receive these weekly divrei Torah please subscribe by writing your email address in the bar at the top of the page!

About Us

We come from a large variety of backgrounds, some frum from birth, others baalei teshuva. Some of us are currently learning in Yeshiva or Seminary, while others have a profession or a business. What unites us all however is a desire to change the way we talk to one another!

And we have got here in many different ways. Some of us heard an inspirational Rabbi or Rebbetzin talking about the importance and power of speech, others were burnt by an ‘innocent’ comment that someone said about them. Some people were impressed when they saw the lengths that someone else went to not to speak Lashon Hara, while others joined as a rejection of the tone of the recent presidential elections in the US. One of us even took their fractured jaw as a sign from Above that they were not using their mouth correctly and decided to work on making a change!

We hope over the coming months to share our stories, our journeys and our struggles with you and we look forward to you joining us too on this uplifting adventure!

Spelling and Pronunciation

Because we are a group of people from many different backgrounds and Jews from different backgrounds tend to pronounce Hebrew words in slightly different ways, we have decided to compromise and use the Sefardi/Modern Hebrew pronunciation for this website. Please excuse us if this is not your specific style, trust us it doesn’t suit all of us either. But as we are working on the way we speak, we aren’t going to shout and scream about it!!

Please Join Us!

We hope that you will also be inspired to join us on this long but uplifting journey as we scale the heights of greatness in speech. Please keep on visiting for the latest posts, please share, like and subscribe and of course, please comment and describe to us your own personal journey in this exciting area!

If you would like to be in email contact, please write to: support@journeytobetterspeech.com

לע’נ הרב יוסף אליהו בן הרב מנחם יעקב

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    1. Your welcome!!! We all need to constantly work on this. That’s why it’s a ‘Journey’, a journey to improve our speech throughout our lives

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