The Old & The Disappearing Teacher

A couple of interesting cases have been sent into the website recently, specifically to do with the complex topic of teachers:

“In our neighborhood there is a girls school with a headmistress who is ancient. It is a private school and it would appear that she has a strong hold over it, to the extent that even though she may no longer be the correct person for the position, she refuses to step down and no one has the power or the guts to force her out.

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About The Journey

Journey To Better Speech is a website set up as part of an ongoing project by a group of people who are working on improving the way they speak. Although in the religious Jewish world there are many books both in Hebrew and English that address this important topic, one aspect that we felt was missing was a resource that actually deals with the daily struggles to learn about and keep to guarding our tongue properly. Continue reading “About The Journey”